Colossus PvP - is every advanced private server with customs its a PvP with PvM and skilling.
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 RULES READ HERE! think they are fair!

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PostSubject: RULES READ HERE! think they are fair!   Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:59 am

Rule 1: Scamming
If you are scammed, it is your fault.

The only way that punishment will be enforced is if there is valid proof posted on the forums (video footage is heavily recommended,
but there are rare cases where images/screenshots will be valid as well) of the player scamming you.

Rule 2: Yell
Do not argue over yell, you will be given one warning.

If the arguing continues, you will be muted for 24 hours, or longer, depending on the severity of yell abuse.
If you continue arguing over yell after serving your punishment, you will be permanently muted.

Rule 3: Flaming

The extended/consecutive (5+ minutes of continuous flaming) use of racist, slanderous, defamatory, homophobic, obscene, indecent, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening or harassing comments towards other users are not tolerated.
(Friendly/mild flaming is allowed)

Rule 4: Spamming
Do not spam the forums or the server.
Inappropriate Content: Posting any sort of pictures or videos of violent, pornographic, nudity or offensive content is not allowed.

Rule 5: Advertising

Do not advertise us on other servers either. It just makes us look cheap and also makes the other server owners hate us.

Rule 6: Disrespecting Staff

Do not disrespect staff members.
If you have a problem with a decision a staff member made, feel free to report it in the "Report a Player" section.

Rule 7: Staff Impersonation

Claiming to be a member of staff when you're really not is completely against the rules.
Making names to make it seem like you're a staff member, is also against the rules.
This rule has no warning, and is a permanent ban.

Rule 8: Bug Abuse

Abusing any sort of bug is against the rules. Found a bug? Report it in the 'Report A Bug' section.
Abusing a bug will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 9: Personal Information
Posting anyone’s personal information without their permission is completely against the rules.
This includes addresses, phone numbers, pictures, videos, etc.

Rule 10: Macroing
Macroing is the use of third party software that gives you an advantage.

You are not allowed to use any sort of autoing tools to gain an advantage.
This includes, but is not limited to: auto-typing, auto-clicking, mouse recorders, auto-switchers, auto-alchers, etc.

*Auto-talking is allowed, so long as the minimum time-span between each message is 5 seconds long*

Rule 11: Threatening Others

Anything from making real life threats to Distributed Denial Of Service attacks are against the rules.
We here at Colossus PVP do not like bullies, and DDoS attacks are against the law.

Rule 12: The Wilderness

The only exclusive rule in the wilderness is that you are not allowed to PK farm.
If you are lured, it is your OWN fault.

All forms of PKing are allowed.
(Farcasting, Rushing, Pjing, and Luring)

]u]Rule 13: Encouraging others to break rules[/u]
If you're encouraging other members to break the rules you will be permanently banned.
(E.G, Finding a dupe, and asking other players to help you with it.)

Rule 14: Multi-Logging

You can login with up to 2 accounts from one IP address, which means your siblings/roomates can play at the same time with you. but not allowed to multi login on the same pc.

Due to our PKing reward system, you will unfortunately not receive any dedication point or killcount rewards
for killing any character matching your IP address, though.

Rule 15: RWT (Real World Trade)

The sale of Runescape accounts/items or selling Colossus PVP/items for real-life currency
is not allowed. This also includes selling Colossus PVP/items for Runescape accounts/items.

Rule 16: Begging
It's against the rules to beg for items toward any administrator/owner (player with gold crown).

This is a very minor rule, and will result in multiple warnings before a temporary mute is enforced.

You're free to beg items from moderators, though it's very unlikely you'll get anything.
Moderators do not have access to the spawn command, and they must obtain their items just like any other player.

Rule 17: Account Sharing
Account sharing is not against the rules, but it is definitely not recommended.
If your account/items are stolen in the process of account sharing, the staff team will not be able to help you recover.
UPDATED RULE [12/28/2013]: Account sharing is allowed, but selling/trading/dicing accounts IS PROHIBITED.

Rule 18: AFK Training

If a staff member finds you unresponsive in the middle of training for 3 minutes or longer you will be left with a warning + temporary jail first, but if you're a repeated offender, you will be (extended) jailed or banned. This rule will be enforced until there is a proper GLOBAL random event system (there are currently random events for two skills, thieving and fishing, which are non-afkable).
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RULES READ HERE! think they are fair!
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