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 Price List.

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five post
five post

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PostSubject: Price List.   Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:34 pm

Hi guys This is List of items with their price actually important items in game.
1 Donator point (1$)= 500M-700M
1 player killing point = 5M
1 pest control point = 5M
1 assault point = 3M
Donator point shop:
lit bug lantern=2.5B-3.5B
bunny ears=2B-2.8B
cape of legends=1.5B-2.1B
pink partyhat=5B-7B
cyan partyhat=5B-7B
black partyhat=5B-7B
red partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
yellow partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
blue partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
green partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
purple partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
white partyhat=2.5B-3.5B
lime partyhat=5B-7B
lava partyhat=5B-7B
rainbow partyhat=6B-8.4B
black santa hat=5B-7B
santa hat=1.5B-2.1B
lime santa hat=5B-7B
lava santa hat=5B-7B
white santa hat=5B-7B
green h'ween mask=2B-2.8B
blue h'ween mask=2B-2.8B
red h'ween mask=2B-2.8B
lime h'ween mask=5B-7B
lava h'ween mask=5B-7B
white h'ween mask=5B-7B
torva platebody=2B-2.8B
torva platelegs=2B-2.8B
torva full helm=2B-2.8B
virtus mask=2B-2.8B
virtus robe top=2B-2.8B
virtus robe legs=2B-2.8B
pernix cowl=2B-2.8B
pernix body=2B-2.8B
pernix chaps=2B-2.8B



Player killing point shops:
berserker ring(i)=500M
archer ring(i)=500M
seers ring(i)=500M
armadyl helm=500M
armadyl chestplate=500M
armadyl plateskirt=500M
bandos chestplate=600M
bandos tassets=600M
zuriel's hood=500M
zuriel's robe top=500M
zuriel's robe bottom=500M
statius's full helm=750M
statius's platebody=1B
statius's platelegs=1B
vesta's chainbody=1B
vesta's plateskirt=1B
vesta's longsword=1250M
vesta's spear=1B
morrigan's leather body=500M
morrigan's leather chaps=500M
morrigan's coif=500M
dragonfire shield=400M
chaotic staff=2.5B
chaotic maul=2.5B
chaotic rapier=2.5B
chaotic longsword=2.5B
lava whip=1250M
lime whip=1B
barrows whip=625M
sky blue whip=750M
pink whip=875M
divine spirit shield=3B
arcane spirit shield=1250M
spectral spirit shield=1B
elysian spirit shield=1.5B
armadyl godsword=1250M
dragon claws=1250M
korasi's sword=1B
slayer helm=1.5B
ragefire boots=500M
steadfast boots=500M
glaiven boots=500M
camel mask=500M
staff of light=250M
arcane stream necklace=250M
onyx ring=1250M
runner hat=500M
fighter hat=500M
death cape=2B


Pest control point shop :
void knight top=400M
void knight robe=400M
void knight gloves=400M
void mage helm=500M
void ranger helm=500M
void melee helm=500M
ardougne cloak 3=750M
completionist cape=1B



Assault point shop:
3rd age range coif=1.5B
3rd age range top=1.5B
3rd age range legs=1.5B
3rd age vambraces=1.5B
3rd age mage hat=1.5B
3rd age robe top=1.5B
3rd age robe=1.5B
3rd age amulet=1.5B
3rd age full helmet=1.5B
3rd age platebody=1.5B
3rd age platelegs=1.5B
3rd age kiteshield=1.5B
dark bow=750M
dragon defender=(untradeable)
ava's accumlulator=625M
fighter torso=1B

Other things:(Not in shops)
saradomin godsword=200m-350m
zamorak godsword= 200m-350m
bandos godsword=100m-150m
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PostSubject: Re: Price List.   Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:36 pm

Not to bad but you're prices are a little low....
The cyan and black phats nedd to be way more than that think back to the old server you need to increase prices I'll help you based on the old sever if you want just pm me on fourms
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five post
five post

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PostSubject: Re: Price List.   Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:01 am

Simon told me to add those price's...
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PostSubject: Re: Price List.   Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:08 pm

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five post
five post

Posts : 10
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PostSubject: Re: Price List.   Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:27 pm

Lol thanks sky but you're price list is better haha Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Price List.   

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Price List.
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